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Three Brief Points About Morals, and a Song

I was on a conversation in Writer Beat, and I made this comment to a discussion we were having. I wanted to post it here, too, because there are some foundational points about morals that I believe are worth meditating on today.

The fact that we have an innate sense of morality is one of the arguments for the existence of God and a holy Creator rather than mere chance for our existence. People, even when not a Christian, do have a basic moral sense, regardless of where they come from. Sin of course creeps in and can degrade that sense of morality and sear the conscience, so we have to guard our hearts very carefully, and ultimately need salvation from our sin by trusting in the complete work of Christ as our substitutional sacrifice.

The second point I wanted to make is that we have to be careful not to take the Giver of moral law away from the moral law given. In other words, it is a mistake to take away the authority of those morals from the morals themselves. Yes, the principles from the Bible can be applied to anyone, Christian or non-Christian, but they become relative unless we have an authority behind them. Don't steal. Why not? Says who? Says Jesus. It seems like a little thing, but it is foundational. A fantastic and entertaining movie that brings this point very clearly is Time Changer. I highly recommend watching this movie. Here's a link to the trailer: Link to Time Changer trailer

Last point: religion itself is not the answer for mankind; it is Jesus. Jesus is STILL the answer. Religion is manmade, but Christianity is God made. Religion is man centered; theology is God centered. There are a lot of divisions when it comes to religion, but I would challenge each person to study the Bible carefully and diligently. Find a church in which you are learning the Bible and growing spiritually. I know there can be various interpretations of passages, so we have to compare Scripture with Scripture in order to get proper context, meaning, and the best interpretation. Because Jesus is our Creator, and Christianity is the ONLY religion, so to speak, that is not works based, and because Jesus is the ONLY one who died on the cross for OUR sins, I propose He is the best choice. Of all the religions of the world, why choose Jesus? Because He is the only one who can provide forgiveness for our sins. No one else can. How can we help but adore Him?

Here's a link to a song I wrote that I think will bless your heart today. My Lord and My God

God bless you today as you discover the wonder and love of God.

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