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My Shining Star

Did you have a rough 2016 like I did? Does it seem the joyous Christmas season is difficult to find this year? I wrote this poem based on my thoughts as I drove home from NJ the other day. It's the cry of my heart. I hope my vulnerability strikes a chord with some of you, and perhaps as you feel like you are down low emotionally or spiritually that you can have the strength to at least look up through a hole in your despair to see the shining love of the Lord for you, you personally, as His precious son or daughter whom He loves so very much. There are times there is nothing anyone can say to make you feel better. All you can do is abide in His love to comfort you when there are no immediate answers or solutions to your problems. The pain can engulf you, and all you can do is crawl. Just get those eyes looking upward, and keep that focus on Him. He can shine through the darkest circumstances and the loneliest times. A wounded heart can still have joy, not a hyperactive energy but a subtle peace and confidence that you are loved by God and that you matter to Him. I hope this poem that I plan on making into a song will be a blessing to you. May you have a wonderful, successful 2017!

My Shining Star

By Dawn Foss

Verse 1

This year I feel I have aged ten years,

It’s the hardest one endured for a while.

The loss I’ve had makes me oh, so sad,

My aching heart just won’t smile.

I feel all alone, I just want to go home,

My pride’s hurt, it’s shattered to bits;

As I lay in the mire with no wood for the fire,

My soul feels like calling it quits.


But then I look up to You, through the pain and the gloom,

In Your love I do abide.

When I feel blind and lame, I sing praise to Your Name,

And my soul is satisfied.

On You I can depend, You’re my very best Friend,

Even when hope seems so far,

When I feel weak and worn I can call on You, Lord,

For You are my Shining Star!

Verse 2

There once was a time when I thought I could climb

Any mountain that stood before me.

But I now see what’s true, that there’s much I can’t do,

Though I’ve tried to be all I can be.

How hard it has been to fail yet again,

The rejection has brought me down low;

Embarrassed I am like a lost little lamb,