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I am starting a new Facebook page called, "Loved by God." Click on this link to go to "Loved by God" Facebook page. I have started this page in the hopes that I can join forces with other women and teen girls to strengthen each other, and realize how much we are loved by God. Women innately desire love, and we have a large capacity to love. Sometimes we are taken advantage of, and even mistreated because we are an easy target, especially if we have a servant’s heart. Strengthening ourselves can bring a fear that we will lose our femininity, but that is just not so. Standing up for ourselves can feel selfish, because we feel the need to give. This can lead to abuse and ultimately the feeling that we are not loved by God, and that He doesn’t care about us, only about us helping others.

Have you ever felt this way? I have, and I desire to learn and grow from others, and share encouragement and things I have learned with you. Please check it out, and feel free to share a prayer request or a story that may benefit others.

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