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Release date 9/6/16 for The Sonic Adventure Gang!

I am pleased to announce that tomorrow my book, The Sonic Adventure Gang, will be released to distribution such as Kids and young teens will love it!

Miss Suzanne is the kids' new Sunday School teacher from Europe. She seems a bit mysterious. Her uncle, a retired physicist, invented a supersonic time travel machine. Join the class as they go on adventures to various times and places in history. But look out! Something always goes wrong. Miss Suzanne has a few secrets up her sleeve to help them get back to safety. Enjoy this first adventure in a series of adventures that will take you through sonic speed as you learn truths from God's Word with the Sonic Adventure Gang!

The pictures are great for coloring, so kids can add their own personal touches.

You can get it from Tate Publishing,, or from my store (click on the Shop link).

Tate Publishing:


I hope it will be a blessing to you and your family!

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